Spawn Carriers


Rye is the most common used spawn carrier. It is used for all strains.



Millet is a grain with smaller particles. Millet gives more inoculation points in the same volume of spawn. This makes your compost will be fully grown in a shorter time compared to rye. Millet is the best spawn carrier to be used for Pleurotus.

High performance spawn

Rye and Millet are organic carriers. Onyxx is Amycel's so called synthetic spawn. It gives a faster colonisation in the compost or substrate., and acts as real "High Performance" spawn. Therefor it gives a better protection against competitor moulds.

More about High performance spawn


Fusion is a synthetic spawn especially for casing soil. It gives a better and more consistent colonisation in the casing.

Fusion is available for all Agaricus strains. The grower will get a unique faster track to consistent, uniform, disease-free productivity and improved performance.